How To Survive Menopause

The medical condition of stoppage of monthly menstrual cycle in women is known as menopause. This condition usually arrives at later age period of 40 to 50. This happens when women experience hormonal changes which are depicted through various symptoms like hot flushes, irritation, irregular menstrual cycle and many more. Women undergetting this medical dilemma might feel insomnia, lack of sexual desire, headaches, memory issues, gaining weight or osteoporosis.

The menopause cycle begins when the ovaries of women stop producing eggs and her process of ovulation ends. In this situation, the women’s estrogen decreases and also her progesterone declines to low levels which makes her uterus line thinner stopping her monthly periods process. The symptoms of this process are quite disturbing specially mood swings or hot flushes however certain ways can be used to reduce its impacts like estrogen replacement therapy to treat hot flushes. Many women usually do not get this therpay done due to risk of cyclical bleeding or cancer.

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