Advice to Parents on how to identify and cure Measles

In previous article, lack of knowledge about Measles and the phenomenon of ‘measles parties’ have been discussed. For the people who don’t know about ‘measles parties’; it is intentional efforts by parents to ensure their children get measles early so immunity against the disease can be developed. This is a big mistake because measles is a very dangerous disease. Here in this articles, measles symptoms and the order which they appear have been discussed. Similarly, a general guideline has been given as on when to call the doctor.

Being a parent you must know the measles’ symptoms. If your kid had measles, then you may already know this. Similarly, if they have been immunized you don’t need to know this. But still, it is recommended that everyone must have some preliminary information about measles. In early stage, it is difficult to distinguish it from cold or flu.


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