About smoking addiction

Automatic Repeating: This phenomenon refers to the act of engaging in a continual or regular action. This, when done, often creates a pattern that is difficult to break. Automatic repetition gives the doer a soft of safety and comfort oriented feeling that makes it easier to get addicted to. In essence when a person forms a regular smoking pattern, for instance, two sticks in the morning before work, one at lunch break and five at the bar after work, one tends to feel comfortable within this routine making it difficult to break it.

Nicotine Used as a Self Medication: Many people start smoking simply to relax. Nicotine is known to calm the nerves relieve pressure and reduce the effects of stress. It also acts as an anti- depressive initially. Nicotine makes the body feel relaxed while it makes the mind come alive at the same time. It is for this reason that most people who undergo physical or mental stress take to smoking. It is also embraced by people who feel depress or are going through emotional turmoil. Since smoking give instant gratification for any of the above named uses, it becomes the case that the user gradually increases his/ her dose, therefore engendering addiction to the cigarettes.



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