About smoking addiction

Addiction is an incessant and obsessive use of something. It is a very dangerous concept as it is designed to make you continually use something at the detriment of other important factors like your health and well-being. Smoking is perhaps the most common form addiction in the universe today. There is a popularly saying that there are only two classes of people: born smokers and the others. Needless to say, this is a saying coined out by a smoker. It is important to be very cautious of cigarette addictions, this is because of the fact that once a person has started, and it becomes very difficult to stop. This article will try to examine the ways in which addiction to smoking is brought in the bid to develop suggestions to counter it.

The factors contributing to smoking addictions are many, but only a few shall be discussed herein, and these are:

The Social Component: The trend of excessive smoking amongst people of today is no doubt a result of socialization. The social structure obtainable in many societies is such that they encourage smoking rather by action and only discourage by words. On perhaps every cigarette park, there is the warning saying that smoking kills or smokers could die young, but few if any smoker heed this warning. On the other hand, in the media (movies, music videos, songs etc.) you are liable to see at least one or more smoker clearly flaunting the vice. In clubs, bars, recreational centers, malls there are always people smoking. Since, most behavioral habits are products of socially learned patterns that must have been copied from someone else at one point in time or the other, one can deduce that most people simply get the idea for smoking from interaction with other people or by seeing it on TV. There is also the factor of peer pressure amongst the young. They are compelled by the need to ‘act cool’ into smoking alongside their friends.



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