A New Orleans Chiropractor's View on Changing Perceptions of Chiropractic In The US

The western health establishment has always criticized the concept of chiropractor. This historical enmity is due to the western medicine’s belief about reductionism philosophy which indicates that the best way to know human body working, its treatment or how the pathologies are created is done by the study of body components. Our body is classified into organ systems, individual organs, which are further divided into component tissues and then into individual cells.

The cause of pathology is localized by traditional western medicine by treating the disorder at the possible constricted level of scope. The holistic chiropractic approach is in direct conflict with this method of reductionism. The concept of chiropractor like Chinese medicine practitioner is that the body cannot breakdown into its components. Chiropractor portrays life as an emerging experience that holds component parts as a whole or beyond it. However various western scientists have started appreciating the concept of chiropractic treatments to seek effective place in the medicinal field.

Finally the rift between chiropractor and traditional western medicine is declining. Since then the coordination between traditional western medicine and holistic health treatment is enhanced as both appreciating and employing each other’s methods. The best treatment of the patient is determined by joining traditional spine manipulation with modern radiological diagnostic equipment. Training is being provided to Chiropractors to recognize serious issues in the patient like cancer, which they can refer to some health care provider, specialized in that area. Now chiropractor is more often seen as a complimentary treatment to traditional medicine rather than a rival.


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