5 Steps To Staying Mentally Sharp And Preventing Alzheimer's Disease

Mental alertness is important, particularly when it comes to later part of life. Remaining proactive about it will always help in achieving it. Physical activity and the choice of lifestyle have been termed as instrumental in preventing the Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and such forms of dementia. It was earlier believed to be the part and parcel of old age irrespective of the genetics. Do not worry if your grandparents, parents or relatives have Alzheimer and you would also be having it.

The statistical data by the researchers have shown that 50% of the people have a higher risk of developing Alzheimer if their elders had one. But it is also important to highlight here that genes have nothing to do with it. It’s rather the lifestyles that get followed. Take the case of your parents as smokers and did not indulge themselves in physical exertion, then it seems inevitable for you not to develop and follow such sluggish lifestyle.

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