10 Warnings of bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder is a relatively new term, but this kind of disorder is present from the ancient times. This term actually describes psychosis and it was once called manic depression and nowadays it is sometimes called mood disorder (although this is a term used for several other conditions). This is a serious disorder that is characterized with recurring episodes during the whole life. If it left untreated it can lead to suicide. That’s why it is very important to react when you notice the first warnings of this disorder. The persons suffering from bipolar disorders go through extreme cycles of mood changes – from depression and emotional pain to excitement and euphoria. The warning signs can be divided in two major groups – those related to depression and those related to manic episodes.




Depression is part of the bipolar disorder that is often linked with other mental illnesses.


1. Lack of interest


This sign is manifested as a sudden lack of interest in things that were usually interesting for that person. They either lack interest or don’t enjoy those things any more.

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